In the world of today, unfortunately a lot of shops and businesses (in a way) look the same. A proper sign for your business is what attracts customers and creates recognition. Don’t be that dime a dozen businesses, but choose for traditional hand-painted signs. Designed and executed with great care and passion that will last for decades to come.

At Krabman Signs we specialize in traditional hand-painted signs & signwriting. This includes techniques like gilding with genuine gold leaf and pinstriping, the way it was done back in the day. All of our work is handcrafted and done with zero to little help from computers, unless you want us to paint an existing logo or branding image. At Krabman Signs we aim to work in the most traditional way.

Our services range from quick paper signs to highly decorated gold leaf window signs. For bigger projects we have partnerships with other companies, so we can always make your project work.

Located in Amsterdam, Krabman Signs works both on site and from our workshop.




Recent works


After reopening my shaving salon located at the Spaarnwouderstraat in Haarlem, I asked Martijn to come up with a design for the shop’s front windows/main entrance. The salon is situated in an old 18th century building, and has very classic furnishings, which represent the quality, craftsmanship, and experience that our company stands for. In the past our windows were covered in big vinyl letters, which were hand-cut and executed with care by my brother. These were very precious to me since they were one of his last creative expressions before he became too ill to continue running the salon. Martijn convinced our team of the added value and distinctive character of his craftsmanship and painting skills to our company. His work is now also a tribute to the creativity of my brother, who passed away shortly after. Martijn chose to work with traditional lettering styles, which he then gave a style of his own. He clearly did not choose a style like the swirly ‘Amsterdamse Krulletter’, a lettering style you often see on the windows of Amsterdam cafés and shops. The big letters at the upper windows are executed in genuine 23k gold leaf, with a bright and matte finish, all done in reverse (reversed glass gilding). The smaller texts, like the shop’s hours as well as the ‘menu’ on our mirror inside, are executed in almost-impossible-to-wear-out Ivory enamel paint for that finishing touch! My clients, as well as tourists and people passing by from all over the world pay special attention to our windows, taking photos and posing in front etc. It’s becoming a tourist attraction on it’s own. His work is going global, with which I want to say that this bloke has a great future ahead.Jan Heideman- Meesterbarbier |
After we discussed what our signage should look like and what it should communicate, Martijn came up with a very nice design and painted it from the inside, directly on the window. All done in reverse, the traditional way with brushes and paint! I am very pleased with the result. He made a beautiful panel as well, which shows the character of our restaurant – vegetarian and vegan – in true veggie colors. The result is impressive! I highly recommend him. Wytze de Lange Restaurant de Vliegende Schotel |

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